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Join us in improving the education of students at Evergreen High School. The Evergreen High School Education Foundation supports the 3 T's - Technology, Training, and Textbooks. Donations provide school support to improve the effectiveness of our school.

Past Projects

Review projects we were able to complete over the last few years because of financial donations. With your assistance, we can ensure our kids will be successful thanks to the great education they receive.

Evergreen High School
Annual Giving Letter

Winner of the John R. Irwin Award for Excellence in Education, 2000–2014—State of Colorado

Our Story

The Evergreen High School Education Foundation is dedicated to our children's success. We provide technology, textbooks and training for the high school. More than eight years ago, we started as a group of parents working together. Over the years we have grown, and recently held "The NIght On The Wild Side" fundraiser that raised more than $30,000 for the school. We are driven by what we do to help children succeed in school and make the most of our community.

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